The Flags feature allows you to quickly flag a document for future review and reference. A document's flagged state is designated by a special flag icon green_flag.png beside the document title on the Document list view and in the document itself.

Why is this good news?

You can flag important documents making tracking easier. 

Increase Visibility Through Flags

The Flag feature lets you:

  • Create custom flags (eg. Incomplete, Needs Review)
  • Add a specific flag and description to a Document to indicate what could be actioned
  • Filter flags in Document and Global list view based on flag type for quick identification 
  • Managers with access to all organizations and Administrators can create, edit, or delete flag types in Account > Flag Types 

Create Flag Types

  1. Sign in to IT Glue, click on Account, and select Flag Types.


  2. Click on New.  

  3. Name the new Flag Type, choose flag color and click outside the box to save the color selection.Click Save.




 Any Flag Type can be added to any Document a user has access to within an Organization.

Edit Flag Type

  1. Select the Flag Type you want to edit. 



  2.  Make the edits you need and click Save.


Delete a Flag Type

To remove the flag globally, click the garbage can. Note: Managers with access to all organizations and Administrators can can delete flag types. 



Warning: Deleting a Flag Type will remove the flag from all assets currently using it.



Flag a Document

A flag can be added to a document both when viewing a document and when editing a document.

  1. Select the document you want to flag. 

  2. Select the Flag Type you want to use from the dropdown menu.


  3. Optionally, add a description to the flag and click Save.


  4. The flag appears beside the document. 


  5. Hover over the flag to read its description. You can see the description in the Document List View, Global List View and within the document.  




Filter for Flags in Organization Documents List View

The Flag feature lets you filter for all documents with a specific flag type within both the Organization Documents list view and Global Documents list view. 

  1. In the Documents list view, select the filter columns or search bar and enter Flag. Select the Flag Type from the dropdown list. 


  2. All documents within the organization with the specified flag will be listed. 



Filter for Flags in Global List View

  1. In the Global Documents list view, under the Flags column enter the Flag Type you want. 


  2. All documents with the specified flag will be listed. 


Filter for Flags Via Search


  1. Open Search.


  2. Enter Flag:and then the flag type (e.g. Draft, Incomplete, etc.). All documents with that flag type will be displayed.


  3. You can search for a flag using the first part of the flag type's name.


Note: Flag description can be viewed in the asset preview pane by hovering over chat bubble icon.


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