Integrating with Continuum Help Desk

IT Glue has added more functionality to your integration with Continuum.

IT Glue and Continuum have announced that you can integrate Continuum Help Desk with IT Glue.

Continuum is offering early integration access to a select group of partners with full access expected to roll out by the end of 2018.

How does this integration benefit you?

  • Both your in-house and Continuum Help Desk technicians can access the same device information and knowledge in IT Glue to service your clients round the clock with confidence.
  • Use GlueConnect to grant Continuum Help Desk access to your IT Glue account
  • Make IT Glue your single source of truth to provide smooth and consistent IT support for your clients
  • Eliminate time wasted looking for data across multiple systems and platforms
  • Granular security control of which organizations are shared with Continuum Help Desk
  • Full visibility into Continuum Help Desk technicians’ activities, with detailed activity logs

This article explains how to give Continuum Help Desk access to your IT Glue account, so that you can share information.

With GlueConnect, you don't have to set up individual users from Continuum Help Desk in your IT Glue account. In addition, users of Continuum Help Desk don't have to sign out of their account and sign in to yours in order to access the shared information.

 To configure access, there are three basic steps:

  • Choose a maximum role
  • Grant access
  • Send an invitation email

Choose a maximum role

The maximum role is an upper limit. Each user in Continuum Help Desk will have an effective role that may be different than the maximum role you choose, but not higher than the maximum role.

 For example, let's say you set the maximum role to Editor:

 If in the primary account the user has a...  Then their effective role is...
 Manager or Administrator role  Editor
 Editor role  Editor
 Creator role  Creator
 Read-only role  Read-only


Grant access

At this point, Continuum Help Desk doesn't have access to any information in your account. You will need to grant access by assigning group memberships and adding specific organizations like you would for any user of your account. If you assign all groups and add all organizations, information that your team can see in your IT Glue account, Continuum Help Desk technicians can as well.

 You do not need to have any groups created specifically for GlueConnect, but you may want to review your security design. For example, do you want Continuum Help Desk technicians to have access to everything your senior tech team can access or do you want them to only have access to what a level 1 tech can access? Are your groups configured for this?

If you're new to groups, we recommend reading  Adding groups / group members.

Send invitation email

After you grant access to the Continuum Help Desk technicians, an automatic email invitation is sent to users of the invited account with an Administrator role. After an Administrator user accepts the invitation, all other Read-Only and higher users in the invited account can access the granted Account.

Integrate Continuum Help Desk


  • Manager or Administrator level access to IT Glue

  1. Click Account from the top navigation bar.


  2. Click GlueConnect from the sidebar.


  3. Click the + New button in the top-right corner.


  4. On the next screen, click Invite Account.

  5. Enter the subdomain you wish to invite. For example, if the URL is, continuum is the subdomain.


  6. Choose a maximum role.

  7. On the next screen, select the relevant groups and add any organizations that you want all connected users to have access to. 


    Populated organizations that are grayed out  have inherited permissions.


    Important. Each invited account  must have access to at least one organization. Select the Allow All Organizations checkbox if you want to give the Continuum Help Desk access to all current and future organizations.

  8. On the last screen, you have an option to add a custom message to the Administrators as part of the invitation email.


  9. Click Send.

After you send the invitation, the integration is pending until an Administrator of your Continuum Help Desk account clicks the link in the invitation email. After accepting the invitation, users of the Continuum Help Desk account will have immediate access.




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