Integrating with Continuum Help Desk

Use this article to give Continuum Help Desk access to your IT Glue account, so you can share information.

With this integration, both your in-house and Continuum Help Desk technicians can access the same device information and knowledge in IT Glue to consistently service clients with confidence.

Note: Continuum Help Desk integration is currently only available to our partners in North America.

Integration benefits include:

  • A single source of truth for smooth and consistent IT support.
  • Efficient cross-platform data searching.
  • Granular security control over selected organizations shared with the Help Desk.
  • Full visibility of Help Desk technician activities with detailed activity logs.
  • Less redundancy and single-source documentation management.

IT Glue Integration Best Practices

Below are some items to remember when configuring the Continuum integration:

  1. The following items are viewable by the Help Desk:
    • Passwords
    • Configurations
    • Contacts
    • Locations
    • Documents
  2. Flexible Assets are currently not supported and are not searchable, so be sure all content is a Document.
  3. Flags can be used to identify incomplete or missing content and to suggest changes. In order for Continuum Help Desk to update or review content, you must invite Continuum with the Creator role.
    Note: The Help Desk cannot create new documentation for a site and can only flag documentation for errors if Creator access is given. Any net-new documentation created must be migrated over to a site on the user’s end.
  4. In a conflict between existing documentation in the ITSupport Portal and IT Glue, the IT Glue documentation supersedes the ITS Portal documentation.


  • Manager or Administrator role in IT Glue

Steps to Integrate

  1. Click Account from the top navigation bar.


  2. Click GlueConnect from the sidebar.


  3. Click the + New button in the top-right corner.


  4. Click Invite Account.


  5. Enter Continuum in the Subdomain field


  6. Choose Creator as the maximum role.


  7. Select relevant groups and add organizations accessible to connected users. 


  8. Restrict account access to organization as applicable. Populated organizations that are greyed out have inherited permissions from a group.


  9. Enter addresses for the invitation email (a custom message is optional but not required).


  10. Click Send.

    Note: Please allow up to 24 hours for the integration invitation to be accepted by a member of the Help Desk. Once accepted, Help Desk users will have immediate access and the invited account will appear under Invited Accounts.



Configuring the Integration in Continuum

  1. Make a note of the Company Name, Organization ID, and Organization Name as shown in IT Glue.


  2. In Continuum Help Desk, navigate to the ITSupport portal, click the RMM Set Up tab.
  3. Select a site.
  4. Navigate to Help Desk Options, under the Product Option tab.
  5. Add Company Name, Organization ID, and Organization Name in the relevant fields, as highlighted below.


  6. Click Save
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