MyGlue Scenario 5 - Self-Service

If you'd like to know more on how to deploy MyGlue, please view MyGlue Deployment Guide.

Scenario Purpose 

Deploy MyGlue account as a value-added service for a client so you can share documents and SOP's you have documented in IT Glue through MyGlue so the clients are empowered to solve simple IT issues themselves.


Many simple IT issues can oftentimes be handled on a self-service basis where clients can access always up-to-date SOPs that you have already documented in IT Glue. Now your clients can simply access them through MyGlue. With this, clients are empowered to solve simple and repetitive issues on their own rather than waiting in a queue for IT support. For example, it can consist of a simple set of instructions such as how to troubleshoot a printer or how to configure work email on their mobile phones.

MyGlue Deployment Steps

  1. Navigate to Account > MyGlue and click + New.


    If you have never set up a MyGlue account before, you will see the screenshot below when you click MyGlue from the sidebar.


  2. If this is the first MyGlue account you are setting up, you will be prompted to enter support information. If not, please skip this step.



  3. In the New Account page, complete the following:
    1. Enter a name for the new MyGlue account.
    2. Choose the existing IT Glue Organizations you’d like to assign.
    3. If you want to enforce MFA for the account, check Require MFA for access to this MyGlue account. Refer to our KB article here for details on prerequisites needed for this setting.
    4. Select a global default security permission for the account. There are three options:
      1. All MyGlue users with access to the organization have access by default - Passwords created by MyGlue users will be visible to all other MyGlue users with access to the same organization. This ensures that a low-risk and widely used password is easily accessible.
      2. Only the creator has access by default - Passwords created by MyGlue users are visible only to that user. This ensures that a password is not exposed to an entire group or organization upon creation.
      3. Specific groups and/or users with access to the organization can access by default - Passwords created by MyGlue users will be automatically shared to specifically chosen MyGlue groups/users or IT Glue groups. This means that MyGlue users don’t need to remember to set those permissions each time they create a password. The password creator will still have access.
    5. Click Save.


  4. Create a security group for this MyGlue account. Enter a name and an optional description for the group, and add all MyGlue users who should have access to the group. If you do not yet have MyGlue users in IT Glue, you can invite them on the next screen. You can also add additional organizations here.


  5. Uncheck Grant access to unrestricted ("All IT Glue Users") IT Glue data within the allowed Organizations to restrict asset access to the MyGlue Users / Groups you specify.


  6. All asset types are checked to deny access by default. Uncheck Documents, and click Save.


  7. Uncheck the organization's contacts you do not want to invite to MyGlue, and click Next.


  8. Set the appropriate permissions for the invited users. Our MyGlue user roles, groups, and permissions KB article will help you decide which role to give the users. Click Save.


Share Documents and SOP's with MyGlue users

You may have multiple Documents and SOP's documented for your client, but you only want to share certain assets with them to allow them to self-serve. Let's assume you want to share 'How to Connect Personal Devices to WiFi', and 'How to Request VPN Access' in the screenshot below with your client user, so they can self serve on these topics.


You could do this by editing each document and granting access to the MyGlue group you created when you deployed the MyGlue account.


Alternatively, you could create a group and drag the documents into it.


  1. To assign permissions to the group, check the box next to Client Self Serve, click the arrow next to the checkbox column heading, and choose Security.


  2. Add the MyGlue group or users you want to give access to, and click Save.


Note: When you apply permissions to folders, any documents already in the folder will inherit permissions set. Any new documents you put in the folder will not inherit permissions. To have new folder documents inherit permissions, you will need to repeat the two steps above, setting the permissions back to All Users, then changing them back to the specific groups you want to have access.

MyGlue Users

Your MyGlue users will only see Documents in their sidebar, and will see the documents you have given them access to.


Please also see the below scenarios for other ways you can utilize MyGlue.

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