Guide to the Network Glue network diagram

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This article outlines the steps for viewing and understanding the Network Glue network diagram.


  1. Once you have purchased Network Glue, you will see the Networks Core Asset in the sidebar of each organization.

Note: If you have customized your sidebar, refer to our Add assets to the organization sidebar KB article
  1. Click Networks in the sidebar to show a list view of all networks configured for that organization.
  2. Click on a network name to show the network diagram for that network.


  1. The table below shows the icon for each of the network devices that may appear on the network diagram.
Icon Network Device Represented
router.png Router
switch.png Switch
server.png Server
computer.png Computer
printer.png Printer 
network-device.png Network Device

Other than the device icons, you will also see grey "root" dots on the network diagram. Each grey dot represents an unmanaged connection/access point (usually a wireless access point) that shows how devices in a single cluster are related. The screenshot below shows connection points for two clusters in a network.


  1. To view more details about the specific network device, click on the network device icon. Device details are displayed on the side pane. If the Network Glue Collector cannot match to an existing IT Glue configuration, any information collected will be displayed. This includes:
  • Device name, type, and description
  • IP address(es)
  • MAC address(es)
  • Web server type
  • Gateway
  • Operating system
  • Host name
  • Device contact
  • Physical location 


Note: If the MAC address discovered by the Network Glue Collector matches an IT Glue configurations primary or non-primary MAC address, an IT Glue configuration link will also be displayed on the side pane.
  1. The table below lists the functionalities available in the network diagram.
Button Function
April_10th_Network_Glue_on_Windows_VM_One___IT_Glue-2.png Zoom in
April_10th_Network_Glue_on_Windows_VM_One___IT_Glue-3.png Zoom out
April_10th_Network_Glue_on_Windows_VM_One___IT_Glue-4.png Opens the device matching screen. See our Guide to Network Glue device matching KB article for more details.
April_10th_Network_Glue_on_Windows_VM_One___IT_Glue-5.png Displays the network diagram in a tree view.
April_10th_Network_Glue_on_Windows_VM_One___IT_Glue-6.png Displays the network diagram in a cluster view.  
April_10th_Network_Glue_on_Windows_VM_One___IT_Glue-7.png Search by device type, device name, IP address, or MAC address

To start matching your devices, refer to our Guide to Network Glue device matching KB article.

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