Guide to successful Network Glue deployment

Network Glue is an automated network documentation solution that discovers devices on your client's networks, creates or enriches existing configurations in IT Glue, and automatically creates a network diagram.


To help you get started with Network Glue, please follow the below KB articles which provide you with step-by-step guides to documenting your client's network. Refer to each KB article in the order they are listed to start using Network Glue.

Network Glue Knowledge Base Articles:

  1. Tips for Installing and Deploying Network Glue
  2. Setting up Network Glue for an IT Glue organization
  3. Deploying Network Glue Collector for an IT Glue organization
  4. Guide to the Network Glue network diagram
  5. Guide to Network Glue device matching
  6. Enriching IT Glue configurations with Network Glue data
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