Tips for Installing and Deploying Network Glue

This article provides tips for installing and deploying Network Glue. Please try the following tips if:

  • Your diagram only displays one single cluster
  • No MAC addresses are discovered
  • Switches are not displayed on the network diagram

Collector Installation

To ensure optimal performance, we recommend the following:

  1. Install the Collector on a device that is within the IP ranges that you want to scan to ensure it can discover all possible devices.
  2. Install the Collector on a server, rather than a workstation. If the Collector is installed a workstation, the discovery process may stop running if the workstation is turned off or sent to sleep.
  3. If the Collector is installed on a virtual machine, we recommend that you change the virtual machine network settings (i.e. NAT mode) to bridge mode, ensuring that the Collector is on the same subnet as the range being scanned.

Activate SNMP

You will need to activate and configure SNMP on your network devices and add the respective SNMP community strings to Network Glue during the Network Glue Collector setup. This is necessary in order for the Collector to gather the most information possible about your devices and for you to view the hierarchy of the network. The Collector requires read-only SNMP community strings.

You must complete SNMP configuration based on the hardware you have on your network. Below are instructions for the most common network solutions used by our partners:

Check Firewall Rules

If SNMP is enabled on devices but rich information isn't being discovered (e.g. a device name or a MAC address is not being detected), we recommend that you check for firewall settings that may be blocking SNMP traffic.

To test this, you can ping the device from the Network Glue Collector host machine and see if the device responds. If not, this can indicate its firewall is blocking access, or network ACLs may be preventing traffic.

Multiple Subnets

For best results, we recommend that you install the Network Glue Collector on each subnet where possible to discover all the devices within each subnet. Please note that while the Collector can scan multiple subnets, the information discovered may be very basic.

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